Your Interior Design Stylist

About Jenny

Hi, I’m Jenny. As Taupo local, and with over 25 years’ experience in new builds, renovations and home decor design, I look forward to helping you create the home you have always dreamed of.


Where it all began…

I have always been extremely passionate about home design and seemed to find myself involved in interior design for as long as I can remember. From renovating many of my family’s own homes, to the houses of friends, as well as rental properties, I have also designed and project managed the building of two of my own homes. All of this enabled me to grow the numerous skills required for designing from inception, and seeing a project through to completion. 


So the next step was to share my knowledge with others and a few years ago I decided to formalise this knowledge and gained a Diploma in Interior Design from The ‘Institute of Interior Design’ in New Zealand


Why interior design is important…

What inspires me most when it comes to interior design is the opportunity to help people get the very best out of their home.


We all want to be surrounded by our most favourite and meaningful pieces – whether it be family photos, artwork, mementos or an item of furniture – and my role is to utilise all of those treasured pieces and ensure they work beautifully together. Often this is achieved by making a few subtle changes, such as, colour of walls or adding a few accessories, in order to add balance and harmony to a room. 


How I help others…

Listening to my client’s desires for their home, and understanding what is required to fit within their lifestyle, is essential. With a new fit-out or renovation it can be really difficult knowing where to start, so working closely with my clients is key to establishing a good plan that fits within the ideas they have for their home, as well as their budget.


The most common feedback I have received from my clients is that their house now feels like their home – a space that is now personalised to them. They are more than thrilled to have achieved a completely new look they never imagined could have been possible, all while discovering a home that still reflects their personal preferences and lifestyle. 


A final word…

I’d also like to share a couple of small tips to help you begin to uncover a home you truly love.


The first would be to declutter. From a space you want to redecorate, take away those things that aren’t necessary or perhaps you don’t like anymore. Like magpies, we can all be guilty of gathering items along the way, and it’s easy to overload our homes. Less is best.


My second tip would be to bring out those one or two pieces you truly love, and use these as your starting point. It may be a piece of artwork, a unique item of furniture, a certain fabric or cushions, and then you start to work your room decor around those key elements.